Media startups can die either by cancer or heart attack
ChatGPT and other AI tools make journalists look powerless

February 2023

Social media is a battleground for reaching the public on climate change, vaccines
Big databases help news organizations predict who might subscribe or donate

January 2023

Media consumers look in vain for help and solutions amid rampant misinformation
SEO and social media came in third behind my newsletter and media partners

December 2022

Rigorous methods help distinguish pseudoscience from trustworthy information
Public-service mission fuels business models in Africa, SE Asia, and Latin America

November 2022

And other illusions that are not supported by historical data
Say yes if the organization invests in developing people’s talents and abilities

October 2022

Focus on your users; their needs, problems, values, and tastes
You have to learn new technologies to reach audiences where they gather